Pápa, Hungary, 1981.
Current position:
Freelance astronomer at
PhD. Florida Institute of Technology, USA 2010
MSc. University of Szeged, Hungary 2004
2017 –         :
2014 – 2016: Post-doc, Dr. Karl Remeis Observatory, Germany
2013 – 2014: Post-doc / Research fellow, KU Leuven, Belgium
      2012      : Astronomer, Pannon Observatory and Visitor Center, Hungary
2010 – 2012: Post-doc, Ondřejov Observatory, Czech Republic
2005 – 2010: Teaching Assistant, Florida Institute of Technology, USA
Research experience:
FIT, Ortega Observatory, Melbourne Fl, USA KPNO, USA
4m Mayall telescope and RC spectrograph (3.5 nights)
90cm SARA telescope (Remote observing, 10 nights)
Ondřejov Observatory, Czech Republic Mercator Telescope, La Palma The Isaac Newton Group, La Palma
2.5m Isaac Newton telescope and the IDS spectrograph (21 nights)
4.3m William Herschel Telescope and ISIS spectrograph (6 nights)
European Southern Observatory
3.6m NTT telescope and EFOSC2 spectrograph (10 nights)
Gran Telescopio Canarias
10.4m telescope and Osiris spectrograph (10 hours)
Research interests:
Spectral analysis of hot stars
Multi-wavelength high-resolution spectral modeling (TLUSTY, SYNSPEC)
Subdwarfs, white dwarfs and classical novae
CCD photometry, X-ray and optical spectroscopy of hot stars
Light curve modeling
Referee for:
Computing skills:
Programming: Python 2.x, Fortran 77/95, shell scripting and C
Editing: LaTeX, HTML/CSS, Gimp
Graphing: Gnuplot
Astronomy: IRAF, CIAO, SAS
OS: Linux (Suse), Unix administration and Windows user level
Teaching experience:
5 years of introductory physics labs at FIT (2005 – 2010)
2 semesters of both „Experiments in Optics” and „Senior Lab” at FIT (from 2007)
In the media:
English and Hungarian
Driver's Licence:
EU Category A (motorbikes, all classes)
EU Category B (motor vehicles not exceeding 3500 Kg, with no more than 8 passenger seats)
Gaspar Bakos (Princeton University)
Chris Benn (Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes)
Ulrich Heber (Dr Remeis Observatory)
Adela Kawka (Ondrejov Observatory)
László L. Kiss (Konkoly Observatory)
Terry D. Oswalt (Florida Institute of Techology)
Roy H. Østensen (KU Leuven)
Stephane Vennes (Ondrejov Observatory)
Matt A. Wood (Texas A&M University-Commerce)