Workshop 2022

Workshop on Observational Techniques

29 August – 9 September 2022 at Ondřejov observatory


The Stellar Physics Department at ASU in collaboration with the Stellar Astrophysics Group at Potsdam University in Germany is going to organize second international Observational Techniques Workshop 2022 from Monday August 29 to Friday September 9, 2022 at the observatory in Ondřejov.

The workshop consists of lectures and practical exercises, and aims at teaching the students how to prepare and conduct an observing run, how to select targets using data-mining techniques, and how to process and analyze photometric and spectroscopic data. The students will have an opportunity to learn how to observe with the echelle spectrograph OES at the Perek telescope and how to perform photometric observation at the Perek 2-m and Mayer 65-cm telescopes in Ondřejov. Besides gaining unique expertise in observational astrophysics, students will also have the opportunity to significantly contribute to ongoing science projects which this year will be related to Blue horizontal-branch (BHB) stars. Students will learn about the astrophysical background of the BHB stars, contribute to observation, try to confirm the BHB nature, and search for RV variations for 31 BHB candidates. Another project will be about the search, observation and analysis of eclipsing binaries consisting of hot subdwarf stars and cool, low mass companions. 

The workshop is open to interested students from the Stellar Astrophysics Group at Potsdam University in Germany, from the Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics at Masaryk University in Brno (course F9146 Observational techniques), and from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague (course NAST018 Special practicum II).

More information about the Workshop 2021 can be found here.


Registration to the workshop should be done by sending an e-mail to with following information:

  • First, Middle, & Last Name
  • Gender
  • University and Department
  • Career status (bachelor, MSc, or PhD student)
  • Level of Linux and IRAF usage knowledge.

Due to the accommodation capacity and the format of the workshop, the number of participants will be limited.

There is no registration fee.

Registration is open until June 30, 2022.


Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC)

Local Organizing Committee (LO)


A detailed schedule for the programme will be announced closer to the workshop.

Topics which will be covered in the workshop include:

  • Introduction to photometry and spectroscopy
  • Planning an observing run
  • Data mining with Topcat
  • Introduction to IRAF
  • Data reduction of the echelle spectra using IRAF
  • Data reduction of photometry using IRAF
  • Photometric variability of binaries + Light curve analysis
  • Evolved stars + Spectral classification


  • Prof. Stephan Geier (Potsdam University)
  • Dr. Veronika Schaffenroth (Potsdam University)
  • M.Sc. Max Pritzkuleit (Potsdam University)
  • M.Sc. Mauricio Cabezas (Astronomical Institute AS CR)
  • Other lecturers will be announced soon

Observer Support at the Telescopes

  • Miroslav Šlechta (Astronomical Institute AS CR)
  • Jiří Srba (Astronomical Institute AS CR)
  • Jan Kára (PhD student, Charles University in Prague)
  • Olga Maryeva (Astronomical Institute AS CR)

Technical support and software installation

  • Roman Vesely (Astronomical Institute AS CR)
  • Jiří Srba (Astronomical Institute AS CR)


Final list of participants will be announced at the end of June 2022.


All participants of the workshop will be accommodated at the Ondřejov observatory.

Venue & Travel  information

The Institute is located in village Ondřejov 30 km south-east of Prague city limits near the highway D1. It can be reached by car, by bus or you can take train and walk the rest. Ondřejov and the surrounding countryside is also a popular target for bicycle trips.

Fly to Prague Airport and arrange for someone to pick you up and drive you to the Institute. This is far the best option. A cab would cost you about 80 EUR. If you prefer public transport on your own, be prepared for another two hours of traveling. Take bus 119 outside the airport terminal, go to Nádraží Veleslavín and change for metro line A there. Continue by metro to Háje changing to line C at Muzeum and then use bus route 383 (timetable).

Traveling by car, take exit 21 on D1 highway Praha–Brno (direction Benešov). Right after the highway exit take a turn, enter village Mirošovice and head for Mnichovice. Continue about 4 kilometres and turn right in Mnichovice towards Ondřejov, where at the beginning of the village (by a sawmill) you will see a sign pointing left to the Institute.

Ondřejov is served by two ROPID (Prague local transport authority) bus routes. Route 383 (timetable) goes from Prague and starts at Háje station (metro line C terminus). The ride takes approx. 60 minutes. Alternatively, you can take train to Strančice and change to bus route 490 there (25 min; timetable).

Trains from Prague main railway station stop at Strančice from where you can take bus 490, or get off at Mirošovice or Senohraby and have a pleasant walk (5 km; follow tourist marking).


For all further information please contact the Local Organizing Committee at the following email address: