The PLATOSPec project idea originated during a joint meeting of Tautenburg and Ondrejov 2-m telescopes groups in 2017. Since then, we started the search for an unused 1-2-m sized telescope. We found former 1.52-m ESO telescope at La Silla, Chile, which was idle since 2003. The discussion and feasibility of the projects started immediately and our science proposal was recommended by the ESO STC in 2018.

In the 2019, the Academy of Sciecnes of the Czech Republic granted funding for the telescope refurbishment. In April 2020, the ProjectSoft company was selected in the open tender call for the lescope refurbishment project. The timeline of the telescope refurbishment is fixed now and started. Currently ProjectSoft is working on the design of new parts for the upgrade. The shipment of new parts should leave Europe for Chile in early summer 2021. If circumstances permit, the telescope should be fully operational in late 2021.

Once the telescope is operational, a replacement spectrograph based on PUCHEROS spectrograph design will be installed, so that operations can start in early 2022.