GALEX subdwarfs

The catalog is available in HTML (16 Mb) and PDF (6 Mb) format and contains the results of the spectral analysis of about 170 hot subdwarf stars. A summary of the project has been published in 2012MNRAS.427.2180N. The Gnuplot readable formats of Table 2. and 3. from the paper are also available.

Below is an animation of the model cloud consisting of about 20 000 NLTE model atmospheres in the
Teff – log g – model-sequence space. It is a 14 Mb gif image that starts on click: This grid was calculated to fit the ~200 observations in the catalog. The starting model is indicated with the arrow. Notable are the sdB models between 20 000 and 40 000 K near log g ≈ 5.5 and sdO stars scattered between 40 000 and 55 000 K and around log g ≈ 6 as well as some extremes. There was a white dwarf in this sample, it is easy to spot at log g ≈ 8. Because this white dwarf stands out of the bulk of the data it also shows how XTGRID approaches a final model.