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How to observe with the 2m Telescope (brief instructions)

To turn on the telelescope and begin observation, the follow these steps:
  1. In the main control cabinet in the telescope control room, turn on the switch "ovládání napětí" and then press "start".
  2. Log in at the control computer with your username and password.
    • the control computer has four virtual screens – Operating, Observatory, Technology and Service
  3. In the technology screen switch on the finder camera with DI 1.
  4. Switch to the Operating screen
    1. Turn on the oil control and wait until the correspondign green "On" appears
    2. Switch on the telescope, and wait until the correspondign green "On" appears
  5. If necessary:
    1. calibrate the polar and declination axis
    2. calibrate the dome
    3. calibrate the focus
  6. Open the shutters (tube, mirror and dome). They appear as "Appertures" at the control panel.
  7. Turn on tracking
  8. Switch on the correction – aberration, preccesion, and nutation, refraction, and error model
  9. Turn on the synchronization of the telescope and dome positions.
The telescope is now ready to go. To go to a target, enter the coordinates in "Destination coordinates" and press start.

The manual control box allows the telescope to be moved at three different speeds.
T1 – slew - fastest motion
T3 – fine motion - slowest

At the end of the night:
  1. From the computer screen
    1. Close the shutters - dome, dube and mirror
    2. Stop the automatic dome motion
    3. Turn off the telescope
    4. Switch off the oil control
    5. Log off.
  2. Finally, switch off the control "ovládání napětí" in the control cabinet in the telescope control room.
Last update 19.09.2010