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Astronomical Institute,
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
In 1959 a decision was made to buy a 2m telescope for the Astronomical Institute and astronomers began to think about how to make best use of this equipment. On 23rd of August 1967, the telescope was put into operation, however the formation of the stellar department dates back to March 1966 when a group of astronomers began work on getting the 2m telescope built. The first head of the department was Miroslav Plavec, who headed a department with astronomers; Jiri Grygar and Svatopluk Kriz, technicians, observers and assistants. The research interests of this group were semi-detached systems and the study of the exchange of matter between their components. This research area was later expanded to include Be stars.

Currently the department is made up of three working groups. Physics of hot stars focuses on research of hot stars, white dwarfs and exoplanets. The 2m telescope and spectrographs are maintained and developed by the Operation and Development of the 2m telescope group. The High energy astrophysics group studies Galactic and extragalactic sources.
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