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Backup power supply

For the securing of the function of the telescope and its additional devices we have installed backup power supply. It is dieselagregat made by Kipor (Irium) company.

Output on diesel engine is 40kW. Fuel tank 150 l - corresponding to 30hours of run in 50% of workload.

Of course, we monitor carefully state of the agregat. For example, the situation in May 24th, 2014, 19:09 UTC (21:09 Central European Summer Time) was as follows:

Monitoring of data from dieselagregat sensors.

The agregat will used in case of (fortunately rare) black outs (due to storms, gales, snow calamity etc.).

In case of such extraordinal situation we DO NOT OBSERVE! We use the agregat for the closing the dome-shutter and also for the function of our CCDs (we use liquid nitrogen cooling and the EEV chips which should not be overcooled). Of course we use UPS backup but they can take about 3 or 4 hours and we must suppose longer blackout.

Backup power supply Kipor (Irium) - agregat during the tests.