VO-KOREL Web Service


This service is the test-bed for embedding Fourier disentangling into the Virtual Observatory infrastructure. Currently the system allows uploading of user data, on-the-fly modification of parameters and management of various user files. The system uses the well-known interface of electronic shop. The user can see only her/his own files and it is guaranted that nobody (except the administrator) can access her/his private files. More information about the service and its motivation is described in 2010ASPC..435...71S and 2012IAUS..282..403S. Please cite those articles appropriately using ADS links given above. The underlaying code KOREL is presented on KOREL web page of its author P. Hadrava.

To achive this the full encryption is used and the user is required to register (create unique account). After filling the form (and solving simple math question), the special credential is sent to user's mail. The web service may be used directly after the link embedded in mail is activated. Currently up to five concurrent jobs may run in parallel - the others are queued. The service is adhering to the IVOA standards for Universal Worker Server (UWS).

When using the results achieved by this system, please write the acknowledgment similar to the one stated below:
This research was accomplished with the help of the VO-KOREL web service, developed at the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in the framework of the Czech Virtual Observatory (CZVO) by P. Skoda and J. Fuchs using the Fourier disentangling code KOREL deviced by P. Hadrava
Current version of KOREL installed on this server is KOREL11b - release 9. 9. 2011.

It can handle up to 2000 spectra with maximal size of 16384 bins, 50 spectral regions and 3 templates.

More details will be put in future on the server - so read it regularly.

Currently the graphics support for more spectral regions is not provided. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In project description or comments must be avoided ALL special characters like <, >, & and all national characters or similar. They must be HTML encoded (but it is not recommneded to use them at all). Especially the < will cause the crash of your job lists - in this case contact admin (skoda AT sunstel.asu.cas.cz)

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