Telescope’s specification

Scheme of the optical setting of the telescope. The red line corresponds to the optical fiber.
  • Location
    • Latitude: 49°54’54.6″ North
    • Longitude: 14°46’51.6″ East
    • Altitude: 528 m
  • Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss Jena, project: Alfred Jensch
  • Type of mount: Equatorial.
  • Apertures: Primary parabolic mirror D=2 m, thickness 0.3 m, weight 2340 kg.
  • Original optical setting: primary, Cassegrain, coudé focus
  • Current optical setting: optical fiber from primary to coudé focus
  • Optical fibers
    • Active core diameter 0.1 mm
    • CeramOptec technology
    • Octagonal type
  • Effective focal length: F=63.5 m.
  • Effective focal rati: f/4.5 in primary and f/32 in coudé.

The telescope is equipped with a single order spectrograph and a echelle spectrograph, both placed in the coudé focus. Recently a photometric camera for direct imaging was also installed. The optical fibers connect the primary focus with the spectrographs.

The single order spectrograph is fed by two optical fibers. One of them is for stellar light and other one for sky background.

The echelle spectrograph is fed only with one optical fiber. Individual spectral orders are close to each other and there is no space for the background. The scattered sky light from echellograms is not subtracted.

For the securing the function of the telescope and its additional devices a Backup power supply is installed.

Original optical design of the telescope with the set of the mirrors.

Current optical design of the telescope with the optical fiber (green line) from primary to coudé focus.