Outreach activities

Our department regularly organized several large PR activities. The Open Door Days take place during the Week of Science, which is the main PR activity of the Academy of Sciences. The European Researchers’ Night is another PR activity in which our department regularly participates. On such occasions members of our department organize several public talks, presentation of current projects, talks about observations with the Perek 2-m telescope, showing the movement of the telescope and dome, and astronomy-based activities for children. Furthermore, the members of our Team are actively involved in Academy of Science’s program “Open science”, to involve high school students. More about the outreach activities can be seen at the YouTube chanel of ASU.

Press conference on the modernization of the Perek 2-m telescope

On 26th of June 2020 the department took part in organisation of a press conference on the topic of fundamental modernization of the Perk 2m telescope. The press conference was organized in the dome of the telescope at the observatory in Ondřejov with the participation of the President of the Academy of Sciences prof. Eva Zažímalová and representatives of the Center for Research and Development of Special Optics and Optoelectronic Systems TOPTEC from Turnov. At the press conference several department members gave a talks (M. Šlechta: Why we decided to modernize and what we expect from it; P. Kabáth: Exoplanet research with the help of Perk’s telescope; M. Kraus: Hot star research with using Perk’s telescope, M. Jelínek; Photometry – optical counterparts of gamma flashes). The modernization of the telescope was carried out in cooperation with the team of the Stellar Department of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v.v.i. led by Dr. Miroslav Šlechta, Center for Research and Development of Special Optics and Optoelectronic Systems TOPTEC from Turnov, which is part of the Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR, v.v.i. More photos.

Inauguration of the Perek 2-m telescope

On 23th August 2017 it was fifty years since the inauguration of the Perek 2-m telescope. On the occasion of 50 years of Perek 2-m telescope that was heavily followed by both printed, online and broadcasted media, a press conference was organized on 14 th August 2017 and followed by a seminar at the Academy of Sciences in Prague on 5th September 2017. Several department members gave a popular talks (M. Šlechta: Perek 2-m telescope – basic facts, P. Kabáth: Future observing program, search for planets at foreign stars, P. Škoda: Archives of 2m Telescope – from Reticon to Artificial Intelligence, J. Kubát: Modelling stellar atmospheres with the Perek telescope, M. Kraus: Stellar pulsations and their link to mass ejection phases in evolved massive stars, P. Kabáth: Exoplanets in Ondřejov). More photos.