Extrasolar Planet Research

This illustration shows what the TRAPPIST-1 system might look like from a vantage point near planet TRAPPIST-1f (at right). Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech.


The research of this group led by Petr Kabath is dedicated to detection of exoplanets via spectroscopy and to detection and characterization of exoplanetary atmospheres. The group use spectroscopic method of measurement of radial velocities to detect and characterize exoplanetary systems. The group also use large telescope facilities such as ESO or IAC (Spain) but also Ondřejov Perek 2-m telescope equipped with a Echelle spectrograph.

The main targets of the group are planetary candidates detected by Kepler/K2 and later TESS space missions. Currently, the members ogf the group are working on the project of refurbishment and installation of a new spectrograph (PLATOSpec) at 1.52-m telescope at ESO La Silla Observatory. This project should serve as a ground absed support for future space mission PLATO. In addition, the group is also detecting and characterizing exoplanetary atmospheres by using large telescopes mainly at ESO observatories. The group is coordinating an ERASMUS+ grant for which a public lecture series is planned.

Members of the group

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Selected papers

  • Ondřejov echelle spectrograph, ground based support facility for exoplanet missions, Kabáth, P.; Skarka, M.; Klocová, T.; Šubjak, J.; Žák, J.; Špoková, M.; Blažek, M.; Dvořáková, J.; Dupkala, D; Plávalová, E.; et al.; 2020, PASP, 132, 1009
  • TOI-503: The first known brown dwarf-Am star binary from the TESS mission, Šubjak, J.; Blažek, M.; Skarka, M.; Špoková, M.; Kabáth, P.; et al.; 2020, AJ, 159, 151
  • High-resolution transmission spectroscopy of four hot inflated gas giant exoplanets, Žák, J.; Kabáth, P.; Boffin, H. M. J.; Ivanov, V. D.; and Skarka, M.; 2019, AJ, 158, 120
  • Transit timing variations, radial velocities and long-term dynamical stability of the system Kepler-410, Gajdoš, P.; Vaňko, M.; Pribulla, T.; Dupkala, D.; Šubjak, J.; Skarka, M.; Kabáth, P.; Hambálek, Ľ.; and Parimucha, Š.; 2019, MNRAS, 484, 4352–4359
  • HD 99458: First time ever Ap-type star as a δ Scuti pulsator in a short period eclipsing binary?, Skarka, M.; Kabáth, P.; Paunzen, E.; Fedurco, M.; Budaj, J.; Dupkala, D.; Krtička, J.; Hatzes, A.; Pribulla, T.; Parimucha, Š.; Mikulášek, Z.; Guenther, E.; Sabotta, S.; Blažek, M.; Dvořáková, J.; Hambálek, Ľ.; Klocová, T.; Kollár, V.; Kundra, M.; Šlechta, M.; and Vaňko, M.; 2019, MNRAS, 487, 4230