New photometric camera for Perek 2m Telescope

A few weeks ago, a new special photometric camera MI G2-1000BI (chip e2v 47-10) by company Moravské přístroje was installed in the primary focus of Perek 2m Telescope. Used with the Perk telescope and correcting lens, the effective focal length of the system is 6,960 mm, the field of view is 6.3 ′ x 6.3 ′ and the theoretical resolution 0.325 ″/ pixel.

The first test images were taken on October 20, 2021 and capture the famous Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635) in the constellation Cassiopeia. The image consists of a series of individual shots taken through photometric filters – 5 x 120 s (H-alpha, channel R; OIII, channel G) and 6 x 60 s (Sloan-g ‘, channel B). For the first testing, the beginning of the night influenced by the Moon in the phase near the full moon and partly by the clouds was chosen, so as not to disturb the spectroscopic programs on the telescope. The camera is primarily intended for fast photometry and deep photometry of faint objects.

The author of the photo is Dr. Martin Jelínek, High Energy Astrophysics Working Group, ASU Stellar Department.

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