The first models of hot dwarf star atmospheres with clumping

Jiří Kubát and Brankica Kubátová from the Stellar Department of Astronomical Institute have published an article in which they deal in detail with the effect of so-called clustering in the atmosphere of hot stars. The authors have calculated the first atmospheric models of O and B dwarf stars, with this phenomenon taken into account. They show that if clustering effects are accounted in models of hot dwarf atmospheres, the resulting model spectrum is observably different, compared with one without the clustering. In extreme cases, this can lead to incorrect spectral classification or false determination of the chemical composition of the star.

  • more on the ASU website (M. Švanda, in Czech)
  • The illustrative picture shows a cluster model of the stellar atmosphere. Each blue dot represents a cluster of matter, the space between the clusters is a considered as empty. Characteristic properties of the matter are calculated as a weighted sum of the relevant properties for the clump and the space outside of it.
  • scientific article: J. Kubát, B. Kubátová, Spherically symmetric model atmosphere using approximate lambda operators V. Static inhomogeneous atmospheres of hot dwarf stars, Astronomy & Astrophysics in print, preprint arXiv: 2108.00773

Contact: doc. RNDr. Jiří Kubát, CSc.

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