Origin of chemical elements in space – new research with the largest Czech telescope

An initial meeting of representatives of the European institutions involved in the ChETEC-INFRA project (EU H2020) took place in May, ChETEC-INFRA is short for Chemical Elements as Traces of Space Development – a research infrastructure for nuclear astrophysics. A member of this consortium is also the Astronomical Institute of the CAS, and for the observations The Perek Telscope – the largest telecope in CR with 2m diameter mirror – will be used. Czech scientists are represented by the head of the Stellar Department of the Astronomical Institute Dr. Brankica Kubátová (right on the picture), Dr. Marek Skarka a Dr. Tiina Liimets. The Perek Telescope located at the Astronomical Observatory in Ondřejov will observe various types of objects in order to understand how the elements of the periodic table are produced in space. This will also allow us to better understand the evolution of the universe.

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