V tisku / In press:

Časopisy / Journals:

  1. Nádvorník J., Škoda P., Tvrdík P., HiSS-Cube: A scalable framework for Hierarchical Semi-Sparse Cubes preserving uncertainties, Astron. Computing, in press

Sborníky / Proceedings:

  1. Krtička J., Kubát J., Mass-loss on the Road: from Post-AGB to White Dwarf, in 21 st European Workshop on White Dwarfs, B. Castanheira, F. Campos, & M. Montgomery eds., in press
  2. Van Grootel V., Randall S, K., Latour M., Németh P., Fontaine G., Brassard P., Charpinet S., Green E. M., PB 8783: the first sdO star suitable for asteroseismic modeling?, in PHOST "Physics of Oscillating Stars", J. Ballot, S. Vauclair, & G. Vauclair eds.,