About Czech Virtual Observatory

This is a web about activities of CZVO

Main leading topic of CZVO is the middle and high resolution optical spectroscopy in the VO infrastrastructure. We are attempting to transfer the long-term experience with spectroscopic archives of middle-size optical telescope spectrographs and especially the optical spectroscopy of hot stars (Be, B[e] and O, WR) into VO.

We have been also working on machine learning of specific line profile (namely double-peak emission profiles) of Be and other emission-line stars in millions of spectra in LAMOST and SDSS archives. The CZVO members are involved in definition of IVOA standard for time series based on sparse data cube model.

We are also part of international development team of SPLAT-VO application.

The survey OSPS - Ondrejov Southern Photometry Survey is another VO activity. All the raw images of the chillean DK154 Telescope photometry acquired in remote observing mode by several group of Czech astronomers (put on VO servers) are processed by the pipeline based on VO-Munipack and all the astrometry and photometry is extracted to produce another service for accessing dynamically generated light curves.